How Foundation Damage Might Affect Your Home and a Look at the Repair Options

4 June 2019
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Foundation damage can affect your house in different ways depending on the cause. When you first notice the problem, the damage might not be too severe, but you don't want to delay having repairs done because foundation damage usually escalates unless your house and the soil under it are stabilized. Here's a look at how foundation damage might affect your home and some methods for repair. How Foundation Damage Affects Your Home Read More 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Make Repairs After Flood Damage

23 April 2019
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When you've just experienced a flood, you might find yourself in a very stressful situation. While suffering from a flood might make you want to take some time off to recover, you'll need to act quickly to minimize the damage your home might suffer. Time Is of the Essence  The more contact your home has to flood water, the more structural damage it will face. Property exposed to moisture for too long can be ruined. Read More 

Call In Professionals To Clean Your Home After A Suicide

26 November 2018
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When a loved one or friend commits suicide in your home, it's a traumatic event to deal with. You struggle with emotions like grief, anger, and shock. What you may not realize beforehand is that you also have to deal with cleaning up the scene. While the police will investigate and a mortuary will remove the body, the suicide scene is left behind for you to deal with during your time of grief. Read More 

How To Remove Siding And Add Insulation Before The Siding Contractor Arrives

30 October 2018
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So, you have already hired a contractor for siding replacement services. That is a step in the right direction when the siding on your home has seen better days. Yet, you might be wondering if you can do some of this work yourself. Actually, you can. You can remove siding and add extra insulation, if you are effectively motivated to do so. Here is how you can do these steps prior to the arrival of the siding contractor. Read More 

What’s Causing Mold In Your Home?

25 September 2018
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Mold is a common problem in homes, and not only is it ugly, but it can also affect air-quality, causing breathing problems for many people, especially children, the elderly, and those with poor health. If black mold grows, it may cause major health problems for anyone, regardless of age and overall health. If you've noticed mold in your home, there may be many reasons, so check out these common causes of mold in homes. Read More