Simple Tips To Help You Properly Maintain Your Log Cabin Home

1 March 2017
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As the owner of a log cabin home, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to keep it in the best condition possible. This way, you will not have to worry about too many expensive or invasive repairs in the future. To help you with this, you may want to find a little time to ponder the following suggestions.

Tend To Cracks In Logs Right Away

Over time, some of the logs will develop cracks and some will be bigger than others. Regardless, this is normal and it happens due to the shrinking and expanding that happens along with changes in the weather. However, you must make sure that you are being proactive when you spot these cracks by filling them in with a waterproof caulking. This will ensure that insects will not burrow in and make the log their home. It will also help to keep excess moisture out of the log. It is a good idea to thoroughly look over all of the logs that make up your home at least twice a year.

Apply Log Stain As Needed

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the stains for the log are to simply make the home more attractive. While it does certainly help improve the beauty of the log home, the staining process actually helps protect the wood. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are calling in a professional contractor to apply new stain to your log home when you happen to notice that the old stain is looking dry and as though it is peeling off of the logs. Chipped stain layers are a sign that the wood is in danger from the elements if the problem is not resolved soon.

Keep The Wood Piles Away From Your House

Insects love to make piles of wood their home. Therefore, you will not want to stick the pile of wood right next to your log cabin house because it will not take much for the insects to commute from the wood pile to the logs of your home and cause quick damage. Some of the worst insects to attract to your home from wood piles would be termites, especially since they can eat through a lot of wood in a short amount of time.

A lot of the maintenance that is required for a log home are things that you should have no problem doing on your own. However, if you find that you have some trouble, you will want to call in an experienced contractor as soon as possible. Contact a company like MATT'S LOG and Wood Siding Solutions Inc to learn more.