The Best DIY Hacks For Gutter Cleaning And Roof Care For Longer Lasting Gutters

8 March 2017
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Every year you'll need to be cleaning the gutters. Even if you have guards on the gutters, debris can become trapped and cause damage to your roof. It is a chore to get on the roof and clean gutters out, but with a few of these DIY gutter cleaning hacks, your roof and gutter cleaning chores will be quick and painless:

1. Using Painters Extension-Pole and Attachments to Sweep Debris Away

The extension pole that is used by painters to get to high areas with a roller is a versatile tool to have around your hose. This pole can be use to get to the hard to reach gutters. With a angled broom attachment, you will be able to easily get the debris out of the gutter. If you have dark staining on light colored gutters, use a sponge mop attachment to clean of the grime using soapy water.

2. Using Overhead Watering Wands to Get the Small Debris Rinsed Out of Gutters

Overhead watering wands are used to get to hanging plants and garden features that are hard to reach. These tools can also be adapted to reach your gutters and clean the debris out. The problem may be that the wand is not long enough. Use PVC pipe with threaded hose fittings to extend the wand and reach the gutters. On the wand itself, you may want to cut off the rain faucet and add a threaded fitting, which will allow you to use different attachments for different tasks. Save the faucet head and put threads on it to use as an attachment for watering plants.

3. Use PVC Pipes to Make a Gutter Cleaning Attachment for Your Leaf Blower

PVC pipes are versatile materials for all sorts of DIY hacks around your home. The smaller water line pipes can be used for the cleaning wand and larger pipes can be used to adapt leaf blowers and wet/dry vacuums for home maintenance cleaning tasks. On the flex tube that attachment connect to, cut the end off and use it on the end of the extension for attachments. You may want to see if you can find an extra tube for this, which sometimes all pool vacuum hoses are perfect for the job. Use a cable tie to attach the PVC extension to the original PVC hose.

These are some of the best gutter and roof cleaning hacks for this dreaded summer and fall home maintenance chore. If your gutters need repairs or you want guards, contact a gutter repair contractor, such as Gutter Magician NKY, to help you with your problems.