Tips To Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Clean And Stain-Free

2 August 2017
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Regular cleaning of your upholstered furniture can keep them clean and free of stains and ground-in dirt and can keep them in great-looking condition for many years. If you have children, pets, or just a messy spouse or roommate, it can be helpful to keep up on a regular upholstery cleaning schedule. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your upholstered furniture looking nice:

Regular Cleaning

Keeping dirt and dust from being ground into the upholstery of your furniture is one of the first steps to maintaining its cleanliness. Periodically, as part of your regular home cleaning, use your vacuum cleaner hose attachment to suck up any dirt, dust, and other loose particles from your furniture's upholstery. This can also help pick up any animal pet hair or other fibers that collect over time.

Next, use a wet, wrung-out rag or cleaning cloth and wipe down the surface of the upholstery of your furniture. This picks up any other particles that vacuuming failed to pick up and can remove some ground-in residues. You can also use disposable wet wipes to wipe across and clean your upholstery in this manner for a regular weekly or bi-monthly cleaning.

Remove Stains

If you find any stains upon your upholstery from food, drinks, or other matter, you can remove many of them just with simple cleaning techniques. First, if you have not already, vacuum the surface of the stain to pick up any loose dirt or dust. Then, use your clothes iron on a steam setting to apply steam to the stain. Move the iron about an inch or two away from the upholstery and apply steam onto the stain to loosen the particles in the stain.

Next, use a wrung-out wet sponge or cleaning rag and press it into the stain to pick up the stain's coloring. Don't rub the sponge or rag into the stain, as this can damage the fibers in your upholstery to cause pilling, and can even spread the stain further into the upholstery. Press the cleaning rag or sponge into the stain, then dip it into a bucket of warm soapy water to clean the rag or sponge, and repeat the process until no color remains on your upholstery.

If your furniture cannot be cleaned with water, you can use vodka in place of the soapy water and use the same process to clean the stain. When the vodka dries, the smell will dissipate also.

Use these tips or hire a professional upholstery cleaning service like Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery Inc to keep your furniture clean and stain-free.