3 FAQs To Help You Choose The Right Roof

18 November 2017
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If you think it's time to replace your roof, you may have a lot of questions about what type of roof you should get next. Roofs can be expensive, and different materials require different levels of commitment. If you are ready to get a new roof, but you aren't sure which roof is right for you, check out these three frequently asked questions:

What's Your Budget?

One of the most important questions you must consider when choosing a new roof is your budget. Different materials cost different amounts, so you need to choose one that fits your budget. Typically, an asphalt shingle roof costs the cheapest at about $50 per roofing square. Metal roofs are more expensive, costing closer to $100 per roofing square. Of course, different materials also have different lifespans. So while asphalt may cost you less initially, it won't last as long as a metal roof. Therefore, you'll have to pay for a new roof sooner.

Do You Like Maintenance?

Another factor to consider its maintenance. Some people don't mind getting out there on a regular basis and maintaining their roof, but if you don't like it, you need to choose something that doesn't require much work. Slate roofs require little work because they aren't prone to decay or growth. Asphalt roofs also require little work, but you may have to fight moss if you live in a wet region. Lastly, wood roofs require work to protect them from rot and decay. If you can't keep up on the maintenance, you are only wasting money.

Is Your Roof Strong?

If you are interested in slate or clay tiles, you need to consider the strength of your roof. These materials are heavy. If your roof isn't strong enough to support them, you'll need to pay for additional support or choose a lighter material. Some roofers may also insist that your roof has a high slope for some roofs, such as slate. This is to ensure excess weight from snow doesn't build. Also, roofs with deep slopes are difficult to walk on, and slate roof can be damaged if an unskilled person walks on the tiles.

Don't just assume asphalt tiles are the only option for your roof. There are many roofing options to consider, and the best one for you may not be the best one for your neighbor. For more information regarding roofing options, contact a roofer like Berkeley Exteriors