Three Signs A New Boiler Is Needed

29 June 2018
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Heat is not a luxury during frigid months but a necessity. Your home's boiler is put to work every cold day on the calendar, and if it fails, the discomfort and inconvenience can be considerable. Monitoring and taking notice of any existing issues is smart; ideally, you'll be able to know if you need a new boiler before the current one dies. These signs could do it.

You Don't Know Its Age

If you've been happily using your boiler for heat for years but were not there when it was installed, it may be about time to get something different. Boilers have different lifespans, so you should figure out some estimate of its age and then consider that your appliance may be nearing the end of its life. Look for tags and labels that could clue you in to the boiler's age. Contacting the manufacturer can sometimes prove helpful here, as they can describe and explain any etchings or markings related to model and age. The manufacturer would also know whether you should begin thinking about replacements, depending on how old it actually is. They can even recommend newer models.

There's Excessive Noise

Noise is too often seen as a normal boiler occurrence. Sometimes, buildup of minerals will result in popping or hissing as boiler components heat up, and while that isn't too big of a problem, the buildup should be scraped off. At times, though, noises should concern you. Excessive and increasing noise could indicate bad water distribution in the boiler, leaks, or a tank that is too dry. All of these are serious and can mean failure of the entire boiler or major components. If left ignored, these problems could ruin the boiler and make purchase of another one vital. 

Your Bills are Increasing

Regular use of your boiler should cost about the same as far as utility bills go, even though the price of gas may go up a little from year to year. However, if your last few bills have arrived and there's marked spiking, it could be related to the boiler. Your old boiler could just be increasingly inefficient and working harder, driving utility use and costs up. Your home could be ready for a more efficient, updated boiler instead.

After experiencing so many of the above situations, it may be clear that you need to remove the existing appliance and search for an entirely new boiler. Let a professional help find a good, energy-efficient model and help with your broiler installation.