What's Causing Mold In Your Home?

25 September 2018
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Mold is a common problem in homes, and not only is it ugly, but it can also affect air-quality, causing breathing problems for many people, especially children, the elderly, and those with poor health. If black mold grows, it may cause major health problems for anyone, regardless of age and overall health. If you've noticed mold in your home, there may be many reasons, so check out these common causes of mold in homes.

Floods and Leaks

If your home was recently the victim of a flood, it may be a breeding ground for mold. Even a minor flood can trap moisture, which promotes mold in the floors and walls. Non-porous materials can be cleaned, but you'll likely need to remove any porous materials like drywall. Similarly, a leak can cause major water damage, promoting mold and mildew behind the walls without your knowledge. Water damage repair contractors can help assess the extent of damage and help you determine what can be salvaged and what must be replaced.

Improper Drainage

In some cases, your yard's poor drainage may cause water to accumulate in the crawlspace, which causes several problems. Not only does it damage the foundation and support beams, but it also traps moisture, which increases the risk of mold. Depending on the severity of the drainage issue, you may need to install a pump or additional drains to correct the problem, but small amounts of water may still accumulate in the crawlspace. To create a moisture-barrier, consider having your crawlspace encapsulated. This blocks pests and moisture.

Poor Ventilation

Finally, your home's design may cause moisture to accumulate. This is particularly a problem in bathrooms with no ventilation. Moisture from showers creates a humid environment, perfect for mold. Ideally, you can correct this problem by having ventilation added, but you can also purchase a dehumidifier, which pulls moisture from the air. In the attic, poor ventilation can allow moisture to build in the insulation. In some cases, the existing vents may be blocked by debris or insulation, but you may need to add some vents.

Mold can grow wherever moisture accumulates, and not only doesn't it smell, but it can also cause breathing problems or worsen health conditions. If you have mold in your home, one of these three issues may be the culprit. For more information about mold, or if you already have mold you need to be removed, contact a mold remediation company like Bernhardt Restoration Inc today.