How To Remove Siding And Add Insulation Before The Siding Contractor Arrives

30 October 2018
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So, you have already hired a contractor for siding replacement services. That is a step in the right direction when the siding on your home has seen better days. Yet, you might be wondering if you can do some of this work yourself. Actually, you can. You can remove siding and add extra insulation, if you are effectively motivated to do so. Here is how you can do these steps prior to the arrival of the siding contractor.

​Rent a Large Dumpster

If your contractor has not already rented a large dumpster for the project at hand, you can rent one yourself. Have it delivered a week before the contractor is due to arrive and begin work on your home. It should be large enough to hold all of the old siding, and then some. 

Old Siding Bends Outward and Pops Out

Maybe you have never tried this and/or maybe you have never seen it done. Walk up to any side of your home, and pull the midpoint of any plank of plastic siding toward you; it will bow outward. Now, you can either flip it up to look at the insulation, or pull the bowed middle out a little farther. If you pull it out a little farther, it will pop right off the side of the house and out of the corner brackets that hold it in place. Knowing how easy it is to pop siding off your house, you should have no trouble pulling and popping it all off the house. Throw all of the slats into the dumpster as you go so that a giant pile does not accumulate.

With the Siding Removed, Remove Old Insulation/Add New Insulation

The only pieces of siding that will remain are the old vertical corner pieces. These pieces are actually firmly attached to the home. However, that will not prevent you from adding additional insulation. If the insulation you are staring at now is really old and papery, you can rip it all out, or you can leave it and just begin stapling sheets of thick foil-covered home insulation over the tops of it. These sheets of home insulation are more like vertical panels, and they are reasonably stiff. Apply them in their vertical state from top to bottom and left to right across the sides of your home. A pneumatic staple gun will make quick work of installing the insulation