Call In Professionals To Clean Your Home After A Suicide

26 November 2018
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When a loved one or friend commits suicide in your home, it's a traumatic event to deal with. You struggle with emotions like grief, anger, and shock. What you may not realize beforehand is that you also have to deal with cleaning up the scene. While the police will investigate and a mortuary will remove the body, the suicide scene is left behind for you to deal with during your time of grief. The best way to handle the situation is to call in a biohazard or crime scene cleanup company. Here are some of the necessary steps they take.

Protect Your Family And Workers

One of the major concerns with cleaning up a suicide scene is protection against contact with bodily fluids that might contain pathogens. Human blood can carry a number of disease-causing organisms, so it is important to shield your family and others from blood contact as well as contact with other fluids and the dead body. Arrange for your family to stay out of the house during the cleanup if possible, but if that can't happen, then the cleanup company will probably section off the area to keep people out. Their workers will wear biohazard suits that cover their entire body so no blood splatters will get on the skin or in the eyes.

Dispose Of Porous Materials

Fabrics and porous building materials such as drywall will be removed rather than restored since restoring them isn't really possible. The contaminated materials have to be bagged and taken to a biohazard waste facility. Removing mattresses, carpet, drywall, and bedding gets rid of a lot of contamination and reduces the amount of work that needs to be done to sanitize your home.

Clean Hard Surfaces

Surfaces that don't soak up blood or other fluids can be cleaned instead. Chemicals are used that break down biological fluid and kill pathogens. The entire scene is scrubbed down and checked with chemicals or lights that show contaminants that might not be noticeable to the eye. The work isn't complete until all traces of contamination are found and removed.

Remove Foul Odors

Even after the scene is cleaned up, an odor could remain. This can be removed with odor neutralizers and air scrubbers. When the scene is cleared, scrubbed clean, and deodorized, it's ready for a contractor to come in and replace drywall and flooring.

Cleaning up a suicide is more than just disposing of soiled bedding and mopping up blood. Contamination is an important concern, but even more important is the emotional impact it has on you if you try to do it alone. Dealing with the grief of a suicide is enough of a burden—you shouldn't have to clean up the scene on top of that. Instead, call a suicide cleanup specialist so you and your home are treated with care and respect during your trying time.