How Foundation Damage Might Affect Your Home and a Look at the Repair Options

4 June 2019
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Foundation damage can affect your house in different ways depending on the cause. When you first notice the problem, the damage might not be too severe, but you don't want to delay having repairs done because foundation damage usually escalates unless your house and the soil under it are stabilized. Here's a look at how foundation damage might affect your home and some methods for repair.

How Foundation Damage Affects Your Home

When the soil under your home isn't compacted properly, your home may sink into the ground uniformly. However, in many cases, one side of your home may sink while the other isn't affected. This happens when a void opens in the soil in an isolated area, so your house may tilt slightly to one side. The soil problem could also be under the center of your house or in multiple locations so that the shifting is uneven. This results in cracks in the foundation and walls of your home.

When the foundation shifts, you might see cracks in the chimney or the chimney might even look tilted. Doors and windows will often stick since their frames become uneven. Foundation damage can become a serious issue if the structure of your home is threatened, so you should call a foundation repair contractor to inspect the damage and determine what has to be done to correct it.

How a Foundation Can Be Repaired

Foundation damage may seem like an impossible problem to fix, but there are methods for correcting almost any kind of damage your home has. One method includes using piers to elevate your home and level it out. These are sunk into the ground until they hit stable rock and then your house rests on them for support. Then your home won't have to rest on shifting soil that could cause further damage. Voids in the soil can be filled with concrete slurry or expanding foam. These both get hard when they cure and provide support for your home. These methods can also raise and level a home, but they are sometimes used along with piers for the best support.

Once the foundation has been stabilized, repairs may need to be done to the slab or walls that include filling in cracks or putting in support braces. Every case of foundation damage is unique, so a foundation repair contractor needs to determine the right way to stabilize your home and make it safe for your family while preventing further damage to your house.